Knitter's Switch Box
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Protect your Brother/KnitKing equipment!
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Knitter's Switch Box

$79 US - Dealer prices available upon request
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Now transfer data from one knitting device to another with a flip of a switch.    Connect your  KM,  disk drive,  PPD, and computer (via DAK or Bitknitter), by plugging them into the Knitter's Switch Box.   From then on, nothing needs to be plugged or unplugged. You simply turn the knob on the box to point to the device you want connected. For Brother/KnitKing equipment only.   The Knitter's Switch Box  can be ordered in one of two configurations.

1 Knitting Machine as the input/output device:   In this configuration the knitting machine talks to and from the PPD, disk drive, or computer.   Set the Knitter's Switch Box to the Disk Drive setting.   Download disk data to your knitting machine in the normal manner.  Now set the Knitter's Switch Box to the DesignaKnit setting.  Follow the Upload/Extract procedure.  Voila!  Your pattern data has just been transfered from Brother floppy to your computer.  How much simpler can it get?

2   PPD as the input/output device:  This configuration allows communication with the KM, disk drive, or computer via the PPD.  Transfer your data to the PPD and send it to another device.


Because most knitters have cables for their PPD, disk drive, and DesignaKnit, these these connections are short and close fitting to the switch box. The default connection to the Knitting Machine is 3 ft long but can be custom ordered to any length up to 50 ft.

An order form is provided for your convenience.  Just print the form, fill it in, and mail it with your payment to the address on the order form.

Don't see the configuration you need?   Call,  (703) 620-9781, or write us.  We'll see what we can do.


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