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Come join us for a DesignaKnit class at the beach!   The beach house is located at mile post 13 in Nags Head, North Carolina.  It is on ocean front property and in walking distance of  Jockey's Ridge State Park.  This large home  can accommodate up to 11* people.  (*That's ten students plus your teacher of course!)   You must bring your own linens/towels as they will not be provided by the rental office.

You can view photos from previous Beach Class series in the class photo section.

The Advanced Class has been added to the Class List in the form of two new classes:  Designing from Your Personal Measurements" and "Digital Photography Applied to Knitting".


Class I - DAK three day class $250 + food**
Class II - Advanced DAK three day class $250 + food**  
**This class will not be catered.  Kitchen facilities are available.  We can meal plan and cook for ourselves or arrange to eat out as the group sees fit.

OPTION: Attend Class I, relax Thursday and Friday, attend Class II, and spend Sunday afternoon through the following Tuesday morning, almost  a week and a half - 9 days/10 nights at the beach!!

There is a maximum enrollment of 10 students.  Each pair of students will be supplied a computer for this hands on class.  Personal laptops are encouraged. Space is limited, so sign up early!

The schedule for the three day class is listed below for your convenience.

Day One:

Standard Shape - Hands on. Discover how to create the perfect shape for you. Topics covered will include: entering personal measurements, adjusting ease, and tips on achieving a good fit; altering the basic style elements including shoulder slope, neckline depth, sleeve length, set-in, puffed, gathered or raglan sleeves; designing dresses, jumpers, skirts.

Day Two:

Stitch Designer - Hands on. Explore the stitch designer tools to create your own designs and make sure that they’re knitable. Learn how simple it can be to design 2, 3, or 4 color jacquard as well as single color textured fabrics. Keyboard tricks to make things simple. Importing graphics from other sources. Transferring data to the knitting machine. Swatching on and off the machine - an introduction to knit from screen.

Day Three:

Original Shape - Hands on. Using original shape to fine tune fit. Splitting garment pieces to make yokes or define color blocking. Rotating /moving pieces to create a sideways knit garment. Integrating the shape with the stitch pattern. Tying it all together - knit from screen full blown. Learning to manipulate shapes for the purpose of illustration. Printing your shapes and stitch patterns on paper.


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